Welcome to Our World

Welcome to Skullduggery LARP, a unique role-play system where your completely tailor-made character interacts in a world full of a challenges and possibilities. In Skullduggery there are no limits to the type of character you can create, with the opportunity to role-play skill advancement,  rather than utilising a traditional points based system.

Fun and enjoyment are the watchwords of our game, with a simple yet comprehensive character advancement coupled with a well-developed and colourfully peopled world.  Extensive scenery and special effects provide a perfect backdrop and compliment to your roleplay within a complex, diverse and inclusive storyline.

For those interested in serious role-play – this is also the system for you, and for those who have never role-played but have wanted that experience of being transported into magical worlds, and heroic adventures, you will not find a better introduction than this.

Come and join us in Afacia, set in a beautiful wooded site in the heart of Kent - with permanent scenery, including a castle and roundhouse village.  This idyllic setting can provide the perfect role-play setting for you to truly challenge your imagination.


To All,

Skullduggery is something we all care about immensely. It’s a part of our lives, we invest in it, emotionally and financially, so it’s only natural to contemplate its future. It’s been several years now since we, the Skullduggery team, started talking about where we could take the game. We’ve been constantly listening and talking to our players, taking things on board, ensuring we’re meeting your needs and wants, and we hope we’ve done a good job in that aspect. It’s been hard work, but we believe we as a team have made a game that we can all be proud of. And indeed continue to be proud of.

This year we’ll be bringing in Harri Sharp to join crew to work with us in building the culmination of a truly epic plot arc. He will be learning the ropes with plot team and the monster team and will be an active member of crew for the remainder of this year. The team is excited to work with him, and we hope you’ll join us in welcoming him to the team.

We’re in the process of finalising our dates for 2014, and they’re likely to cause a stir. As some of you are aware, Dan Lagrue and Nick Mepham are planning to step down from plot team of Skullduggery at the end of this year, but their involvement in Skully will not stop. Next year will see the biggest change in Skullduggery for a long time, with the introduction of a 2nd Skullduggery LARP, named Wyldefire.

Both Skullduggery and Wyldefire will fall under the same banner of Skullduggery LARP and will follow a 3 weekend each a year system. We aim to provide a unique LRP experience in both systems, and each will be very different. Skullduggery will continue on unchanged with plot team headed up by Harri, with its current rule set, characters, crafting and so on, with a story following on from the plot this year. Adam Smith and the current team of Skullduggery will continue work on ensuring it’s the best on-going LRP experience it can possibly be, continuing the hard work that has made the game so good.

The Wyldefire game is being worked on by Dan and Nick and will be moving into the testing phase in the coming months, and we will be able to present the setting, rules and guidebook in August this year, allowing you, the players at least 6 months to prepare for the first game next year. But suffice it to say, we’re very excited by the prospect, and we hope the Skullduggery LARP team have earned your respect and patience so that you can be excited by this too.

We are aware of the potential challenges that having 2 Skullduggery games presents, but we are optimistic that those who can only afford a few events will come join either Wyldefire or Skullduggery as crew for the rest. At this stage, Dan and Nick are working on plot for Skullduggery this year, as well as active development for Wyldefire, with the Skullduggery LARP team, so please bear with us and show us patience until we as a team have more we can present to you, the players, on backgrounds and dates for 2014.

One of the additions to Skullduggery LARP that has evolved over the years is the sanctioned event format. Working with various people over several years, the Skullduggery LARP team has formalised its approach, ensuring that a simple system now exists to aid those players or crew who wish to run sanctioned events. This is an area we’re keen to continue with, as whilst in previous years we have provided one day games, in 2014 and beyond we will maintain our drive and focus on the weekend events only.

We, the Skullduggery LARP team, are really excited about Skully’s plot this year, and we really hope that you’ll stick with us to the end of this year and on to the next, and we’ll give you the very best games we can possibly provide.
The Skullduggery team.